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It is true that it is Modern World and everyone is always engaged with stress of various natures (Family / Work / Illness). Police not rolled out, as they engage with court duties, senior officer meeting, public agitations, emergencies, incidents etc. Thereby, we cannot expect everyone to anticipate or access our Emergency SMS.

      Helping or assisting rescue work is a special character who volunteers to help others ignoring his work and stress. We cannot expect everyone, unless we feel they are our CARE TAKERS. Such Care Takers may be from Friends, Relatives, Police, NGOs, Organizations, and Politics etc., as we deems fit. Hence, concept of selecting more than 3 or 5 or 10 Care-Takers as Emergency Contacts is must.

   Emergency also differs. Some may require the assistance of Family Members or Husband or Friend or Police.


Jointly developed by

  1. Dr. S.Bascarane, Inspector STF cum Web Officer, Puducherry Police
  2. Dr. S.Sivasathya, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Pondicherry University
  3. Powered by Ihorse Technologies

 The concept, design and development are initially proposed by Dr.S.Bascarane, Inspector STF cum Web Officer, Puducherry Police as a project to one Jayaraj, MCA student of Pondicherry University who came for a project through Dr. Sivasathya, Associate Professor from Computer Science Department.  

The primary aim of this app is on Women Safety and to curb the ragging / eve-teasing menace and other difficulties faced by the women and girl students within the University campus.

 Initial Android version of MITRA was developed and uploaded in Pondicherry University Server and utilized within Pondicherry University campus during 2014-15.

 Student project version is available in Pondicherry University website http://www.pondiuni.edu.in/Womens_Cell/mitra/mitra.html.



MITRA is an SIM based (GSM / CDMA) based “On & Off” line mobile application to trigger pre-defined SMS requesting for emergency assistance from care-takers to ensure SAFETY OF EVERYONE with special attention to “Children, Women and Old Aged” in times of distress. It also triggers pre-defined email requesting if “On-line”.  


 “During an emergency, it is difficult for a person to locate his care-taker or friend and make a call or draft & send an SMS without being watched / detected / identified by mischief mongers / culprits”. But it is made easy through MITRA. It also continues thereafter, MITRA will automatically update your location through GPS after every 5 or 10 or 15 or 30 minutes or as you programme in its settings. This enables easy tracking and rescue of victims of kidnapping etc. 

A long felt dream has been realized through the development of MITRA.  Just “3 click on Power button” without opening the mobile or apps, it triggers a pre-defined SMS. It is like an SOS customized especially for the Puducherry Region. Here downloading of apps and its registration requires online.

The auto generated pre-defined SMS will carry the

1.     Name & Mobile number of the User

2.    Google map location link for easy spotting of the person in danger.

3.    Nearest Police Station Phone number

The advantage of this application compared to other similar applications for women’s safety is its simplicity of usage.